Generative Fellowship

In the face of the current ugly attacks on reproductive health and rights, the reproductive movement needs leaders who are courageously employing fresh new strategies, tactics, concepts and tools. Doing things differently and doing different things requires being innovative and action oriented. The Generative Fellowship is a 6-month program to learn the skills and practices of innovation in service of the broader movement. 

Building a Culture of Innovation

Innovation comes from disrupting habits, reframing questions, debate and dissent, collaboration, and learning from others. The myth of innovation is that one idea changes everything, when in reality it is a series of failures and improvements to get the concept just right. As Thomas Edison famously said about inventing the light bulb, “I haven’t failed. I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Through the Generative Fellowship CoreAlign is supporting and nurturing innovators and a culture of innovation in the movement for reproductive justice. Each fellowship consists of 15-20 people who are working on solving complex problems with innovative strategies, tactics, programs or inquiries in the reproductive health, rights and justice field. These leaders are shifting the way we understand issues, asking critical questions, and testing new ways of engagement. CoreAlign supports Fellows to experiment with new strategies, collaborate with unlikely allies, and apply concepts borrowed from other movements. This Fellowship is for curious, generous and generative people who are willing to lean into risk and explore unusual and fresh ideas.

What problems have you been aching to address in your reproductive health, rights, and justice work? Where do you think innovation and collaboration could shift how problems are understood and addressed? How do you want to put your best and most creative ideas to use in service of the movement? Apply to become a Generative Fellow and find out!

This application cycle has now closed. Check back in late Fall for the next application cycle!

Interested in hearing from current Fellows about their experiences? Watch one of our informational webinars!

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