Generative Fellowship

The reproductive health, rights and justice movement depends on a new kind of leader, ready to think and practice innovation. 


Building a Culture of Innovation

Innovation comes from disrupting habits, reframing questions, debate and dissent, and learning from other fields. The myth of innovation is that one idea appears that suddenly changes the game. It actually takes a collection of many failed iterations of multiple innovative concepts. The Generative Fellowship is about supporting and nurturing innovators and a culture of innovation. In order to do that the Fellowship will support a cohort of people who are working on innovative ideas and inquiries at the movement level. These inquiries go beyond a single organization or campaign to the collective level. It is about strengthening that muscle that shifts the way we understand an issue or ask the critical questions, or is about a project that designs and tests new ways of engagement, or is an experiment with never before tried strategies, or is even about applying concepts borrowed from other movements.

This Fellowship is for curious, generous and generative people who are willing to lean into risk and who have been mulling some ideas that they are dying to explore. What is your idea that will get us out of the current rut that we are in? What idea, big or small, at the micro or macro level, do you want to delve into that might shed some light on new ways of advancing our movement?

Applications for the next cohort to be accepted starting mid May 2014! Check back soon for more details.